• 2010 The company is founded
  • 2011 The exploration permits for Stekenjokk and Levi are acquired
  • 2011 Application for exploitation concession is submitted
  • 2012 National interest for mineral is obtained for Stekenjokk and Levi
  • 2013 The Mining Inspector rejects the application for expoitation concession due to the percieved negative impact on reindeer husbandry
  • 2014 The company appeals to the Government with reference to history, proposed adaptation measures, and the significant socio-economic benefits
  • 2017 Cooperation agreement with Joma Näringspark to develop Joma in Røyrvik municipality, Norway.
  • 2017 Joma Gruver A/S is established as a joint venture for the development of the Joma asset
  • 2017 Canadian mining development company Forbes & Manhattan becomes a partner
  • 2017 Joma Gruver obtains exploitation concession (“utvinningsrett”) for Joma
  • 2017 In November, the Government revokes earlier negative decision and returns the application with secondhand alternative to the Mining Inspector
  • 2018 In December, supplement is submitted to the Mining Inspector detailing the secondhand alternative with seasonal mining
  • 2019 In January, Joma Gruver obtains approval from Røyrvik’s municipality for the plan program for the Joma mine


The Stekenjokk mine during previous mining period, 1976-1988